Revenue Group Companies     


Founded in 1994, Revenue Group began as a collection agency serving local credit grantors in recovery programs. Through increased sales and well planned acquisitions, Revenue Group has become a leading accounts receivable management firm and distressed debt purchaser. The principals have serviced creditors since 1973 as Credit Consultants, Inc., Revenue Assistance Corporation, and Capital Debt Services. The Revenue Group provides third party contingency collections, billing office services, and factoring services for medical, financial, and retail enterprises in the United States.


Knowledge. Commitment. Performance.

These words embody the standards we live by and define the key characteristics of our staff. The Revenue Group has adopted a client response philosophy that pervades our organization from top to bottom. Our goal is to identify your collection problems and develop an effective recovery solution that will lead to fast and efficient results. Our staff is trained in problem solving tactics in the full spectrum of collection services customizing each service to meet your exacting standards. Our reputation is backed by measurable results produced for healthcare providers throughout the United States. We believe that the individual, at any level, should be empowered to make decisions related to his or her area of responsibility. By giving the people closest to our customers the flexibility to meet their needs, our customers and employees share an ideal stakeholder experience. Within our organization, we rely on each and every person to contribute his or her talents.

Our Team

  • The Revenue Group employs approximately 150 individuals. Our collection staff boasts an average of ten years of industry experience and an industry leading low turnover rate. According to the American Collectors Association statistics, our turnover rate is two to three times better than the average turnover for our industry.
  • The Revenue Group employs a well versed and experienced collection staff. With a high retention rate and a team of collectors with years of experience leading the way, we can provide results that no other agency can.
  • Our extensive and thorough training program focuses on communicative technique and providing the tools necessary for newcomers to immediately contribute to our success. It is through skillful negotiation and courteous, but firm, interaction with your customer or patient that we achieve superior results.

To facilitate personal growth, we are members of the following organizations: